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The Board Academy was founded in 2009 to constantly develop the work of advisory and supervisory boards so as to keep up with changing markets, organisations and governance requirements within the context of entrepreneurial and sociopolitial accountability. The Board Academy is a business unit of Board Partners GmbH. In just 10 years, we have not only become established, but have become a key player in the field of future-oriented board work. Our triad of certification, active community and placement has proved to be effective and to build bridges. And with our events exclusively for Board Academy alumni, such as the Board Lounge and our Board Dialogue Days we create effective networking opportunities and enable an inspirational as well as collaborative look into the future.

Our passion for professional and effective board work that is meaningful to organisations is not only as strong as ever, but has also become more comprehensive and more profound. Having assisted with the placement of members of both advisory and supervisory boards, we see the difference that results from well-considered and outstanding board work.
We are also in intelligent and incremental steps expanding our activities, and as an academy and community we are now the effective hub linking boards in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.



The Board Academy was founded by Guido Happe, Managing Director of Board Partners GmbH, in 2010. His goal was and still is making a contribution to the permanent professionalisation of board work and enabling the transfer of knowledge. The quality of board work depends on proper mandating, the indispensable understanding of the environment, and the ability to ask the right questions.


Founding Team

Together with Dr. Rüdiger Theiselmann – who was Head of CF Corporate Center of Commerzbank AG back then and main contact for governance issues, is today Managing Partner of the Corporate Development Boutique Huckberg, CEO of Legaltech platform Digitorney and founder of the Corporate Finance Association,

Roland Startz, Partner of the international law firm BeitenBurkhardt is an expert for family businesses and corporate groups as well as good governance issues, litigation and corporate law, and

Marco See, then head of the Nuremberg office of Deloitte and now partner and head of the Nuremberg office of PwC with in-depth and broad knowledge of international risk, compliance and audit operations and strategy

Guido Happe has developed a best-in-class curriculum The team is still together after 10 years, with passion for the cause and with prospects for another 20 years. This team composition was one of the key decisions for the successful course-setting of the Board Academy.

Guido Happe

Board Partners

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Roland Startz

Beiten Burkhardt

Marco See


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>> Certification Course:

Since 2010, the core of the Board Academy has been the six 2-day modules with the final examination and a certificate signed by our excellence partners. The programme is developed dynamically and continously updated. It is used by companies as well as CXO’s and experienced board members alike.

 >> In-house Trainings and Resultshops:

As an established authority on board leadership dynamics, we support companies and their individual boards, as well as top executives, in doing the right things and then doing things right. Today’s boards are faced with the ‘decision before experience’ and have to be able to handle both complex present and future challenges.


We don’t only build bridges in Germany and the DACH Region. In 2018, Guido Happe founded the Board Academy Africa (Pty) Ltd. to extend our scope to South Africa as well and to build more international bridges. Likewise, the Board Academy – via the Board Partners Group – started working on the Board Academy Turkey in order to link up mutual international board expertise there as well.

Spain is home to our  Board Academy International and will present a European master class on Mallorca as from 2020. Up to 25 new-generation board members from Europe will get together there to focus on international board work.
Peer2peer learning leads to effective and sustainable networking.



& Values

We regard qualification, integrity and social responsibility as the key attitude to effective contemporary board work. We think of a board’s composition as a mirror of the organisation and its markets, with neutral and structured appointment processes. This is the only route to long-term best-of-class work.

We are a transparent “shared community” that believes in “mutual networking results” and shares knowledge in an open, practical dialogue. The question what I can do for the organisation and for my Counterpart demonstrably outweighs the question what the organisation and my counterpart can do for me. That’s how we remain relevant and create relevance for our community.



by Experience

The decisive impact of our Board Academy is the practice2practice philosophy coupled with scientific and socio-psychological perspectives. 

Changes of perspective through real-life and transparent market experience gathered from national and international service on advisory, supervisory and administrative boards make the difference.

The leaders, speakers and dialogue partners are all experienced board members, visionary individualists and personalities with a global reach. Not just being up close, but right in the thick of it is what makes the difference.

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Our national and international Partners of Excellence are:





Corporate Finance Association

DICO Deutsches Institut für Compliance

Our Partners


Right from the start, the Board Academy has cooperated with “Partner of Excellence” companies and institutions with expert lecturers who share their many years´professional experience in their field of knowledge  and bring in the Peer2Peer experience of board work.

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