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The Board Academy is an organisation whose aim it is to promote competence, integrity and corporate responsibility in company supervisory and advisory boards.

Behind this commitment is our conviction that these three aspects determine the success of corporate supervisory and advisory boards in the main.

Specialist competence: Demands placed on the members and chairpersons of German corporate bodies with supervisory or advisory functions are growing. On theone hand, greater outside pressures are being exerted on these persons since the financial and economic crisis of 2008/2009 while, at the same time, their field of activity is rapidly becoming more complex. 

Management experience and knowledge of their particular business sector are no longer sufficient to enable them to overcome this two-fold challenge. Those serving on supervisory and advisory boards must now be aware of the specifics and details of the strategic, legal, fiscal and employee relevant factors that relate to their remit and must also be familiar with the various facets of risk management. The Board Academy offers training programmes tailored to your specific needs in which you willbenefit from the practical experience and business expertise of our module tutors. To ensure the quality of the program in 2010 we assigned the "TÜV Süd" to certify the concept, standards, processes and examination of the Board Academy to build a professional and state-of-the-art examination and certification. Until 2014 we offered the option to receive a TÜV certificate "Certified Member of Advisory Boards and Non Executive Director Boards". In 2015 the Board Academy replaced the "TÜV Süd" certificate and now provides - together with the "Partners of Excellence" - an own examination and Board Academy certificate.

Integrity: We consider integrity to be the key human faculty that makes us reliable and credible individuals. A person with integrity is - to put it quite simply - someone whose actions conform to their words. With respect to this core value we are an exclusive network for corporate service providers who share our conviction. 

Corporate responsibility: With in-depth experience in steering committees, the members of supervisory and advisory boards share the responsibility for the future sustainability of their organisation. Their task is not simply to master internal corporate challenges - the implications of their decisions have a much wider impact. To be effective, members of today's supervisory and advisory boards need to be aware oftheir accountability towards the company ownership and the social obligations of business enterprises. The Board Academy has made it one of its objectives to draw attention to this circumstance not only in its seminars, but also in the public sphere.  

The three decisive factors that enable steering committees to act credible and effective are competence, integrity and corporate responsibility. These three personal characteristics not only determine the success of enterprises over the long term; they also ensure that corporate organisations are perceived as trustworthy.

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