Board Placements

Our expertise are board placements for family businesses & medium-sized companies, supervisory and administrative board mandates as well as growth companies & start-ups.


Family Businesses & Medium-sized Companies

Family businesses and medium-sized companies offer the greatest potential for effective board work. A properly staffed board can make a significant contribution to the success of the company or support in topics such as succession.



Board Mandates

We ensure that governance, personality, expertise, and commitment are in balance and that they are in the interests of the organisation. This makes us an excellent partner when it comes to occupy supervisory and advisory board mandates.



Growth Companies and Startups

We help growth companies and startups to find advisory boards.

Especially in the early phase of a company foundation, the advisory board becomes an important multiplier. This is why match.- the Advisory Board Initiative was launched by the Board Academy in 2017. We facilitate and enable young, successful growth companies access to our Board Academy Alumni & Partner Community, and thus access to top managers and companies for future-oriented advisory board work. This creates an effective ‘Business Partnership’.

Advisory boards can make a difference, if not the difference.



Professional Services / Consulting

When reorganizing or setting up a supervisory and administrative boards, there are many things to consider. We support you throughout the entire process, starting with identifying the requirements of the board, as well as required competencies of board members, up to occupying board seats.