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Partner for African companies and African board members

The Board Academy Africa (Pty) Ltd. was founded by Guido Happe and the Board Partners Group to broaden the international scope of Board insights, future networks and peer2peer praxis Master Classes.

We want to be an integral part and partner for African companies and African board members, entrepreneurs, as well as new generation executives, to create organizational value together and synchronize their expertise with global board perspectives.

As a learning and networking hub the Board Academy is a place to share a common future and opens connections to executives and non-executives internationally.

We have two concepts in place. One is an international certification programme which was established in Germany in 2009 and a regularly facilitated Master Class Summit in Johannesburg and/ or Cape Town.

We welcome all African participants who like the idea of being part of a true international board community and believe in a cross-country, cross-market and cross-culture as well as
diversity-driven learning and active community hub.

The African Board Academy certification programme

The Board Academy programme is composed of several modules, including

  • HR/Organization/ Communication
  • International Strategy/ Innovation/ Digitization
  • Risk&Compliance
  • Legal
  • Corporate Finance/ M&A/ Restructuring
  • Reporting/ Accounting/ Controlling.

We work with real examples, checklists, business cases, group work, and international experienced mentors and facilitators to get the most excellence out of this programme for our participants. We also invite former participants as dialogue partners to share their experiences and expertise, as well. Alltogether we believe this is the right way to connect the dots.

We are addressing this programme to (future) supervisory board members, executives, entrepreneurs aiming for a deep dive into (international) board work and governance to build organizations being sustainable, successful and reflective.

Master Classes and Summit

The Board Academy Africa runs two Master Class Summits per year, one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town.

The Master Class was initiated to create a peer2peer learning environment in the context of future board work, developing the full potential of our network, and to share international board perspectives.

The programme includes impulse speeches, panel discussions, and business case scenarios which will give the participants the ideal platform to exchange ideas and to discuss current topics.

Participants are non-executive directors, chairs and CXOs coming from African countries, as well as international participants, who will contribute valuable content. Participants are welcome to also become part of the faculty team to contribute their knowledge and share it with the group.

Are you interested in joining the Board Academy programme or our Master Classes? Or do you need any additional information?

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